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HodlBot - How to Setup your Personal Crypto Trading Bot

The HODL 20 index is the easiest way to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio.

HodlBot connects to your Binance account and automatically trades your portfolio into the top 20 coins by market capitalization (10% capped).

For a more technical in-depth explanation, check out how it works here.

HODL 20 allocation for HodlBot

HODL 20 Allocation as of March 25, 2018

Users can replicate the HODL 20 portfolio by connecting their Binance account. Think of HodlBot as a software service that plugs into your cryptocurrency exchange account and intelligently executes trades for you. We are not a fund. We do not take a % fee. And our users own all of their own assets.

The HODL 20 makes up ~87% of the cryptocurrency market. For comparison the S&P 500 represents ~75% of the US stock market.

Over a 3 year period, Bitcoin was up by a factor of 42x. HODL 20 with no rebalancing was up a factor of 51x and the HODL 20 with monthly rebalancing was up a factor of 164x.

Step 1. Get Started

Right now HodlBot only supports users with Binance accounts. If you don’t have an account you can sign-up here.

Step 2. Acquire Cryptocurrency and Fund your Binance Account

You’ll have to deposit cryptocurrency to your Binance account to fund your account. HodlBot requires a minimum $200 USD balance to start.

If you don’t have any cryptocurrency, you can get started using Coinbase. We recommend you purchase BTC and transfer that over to Binance.

How to Deposit on Binance

You can scan the QR to deposit or copy the Deposit Address

How to Send Cryptocurrency on Coinbase

Send to Binance Bitcoin Deposit Address

Please note that it may take some time for your funds to reach Binance, you can always track it in the transaction history seen below.

Step 3. Set-up API Keys

HodlBot uses Binance’s API to programatically execute trades. Set up your keys here.

How to Configure API Keys on Binance

Create API Key on Binance

Creating a new API key on Binance

Name your API Key

API Key Settings Tutorial Binance Success

Save your API Key and Secret. Make sure you have enable trading toggled on.

By default, trade access is enabled, and withdrawal access is disabled. This means that no one will ever be able to withdraw funds from your account using the API.

Once you get your API Key and secret. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. Binance will not show the secret key again after this step.

Step 5. Choose Your Strategy

In HodlBot you can choose between two different strategies.

One is the HODL20 index. The HODL20 index tracks the performance of the entire cryptocurrency market. You can read more about the methodology here.

Choose your Strategy HodlBot

Click Select Portfolio to Start

To create your portfolio, you should have at least $200 USD equivalent in cryptocurrency in your Binance account.

Example of choosing the HODL20 Allocation on HodlBot

Example of choosing the HODL20 Allocation on HodlBot

Step 6. Connect API Keys to HodlBot

Once your API keys are generated. You can subscribe them to HodlBot. We will then check if it is valid and that trading access is enabled.

HodlBot API keys onboarding

When you give us your key & secret, we encrypt it on our end in order to protect you. In the future, you can delete your API key if you no longer wish HodlBot to have access to it. This will render the API key you previously provided completely useless.

Step 7. Celebrate

My Portfolio Overview HodlBot

You're done! HodlBot will automatically rebalance your portfolio. The default period is 4 weeks, but you can change that in the settings.

After 10 minutes, your initial allocation should be complete. You’ll be the proud owner of a diversified portfolio of the top 20 cryptocurrencies!

When you are using HodlBot, we recommend you not to actively trade on the same Binance account as your portfolio will get completely rebalanced into the HODL 20 every 4 weeks.

HodlBot out,


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