HodlBot Officially Partners with KuCoin to Simplify Portfolio Management

As part of our initiative to support US-based traders, we are announcing a new partnership & integration with Kucoin.

Ultimately our goal is to democratize investing for everyday people, and we believe KuCoin is a partner that can help us continue down that path.

HodlBot KuCoin Integration

We're proud to announce our partnership with KuCoin

As of today, you can connect your KuCoin account to HodlBot for portfolio creation, diversification, indexing, and rebalancing.

Reasons Why to Use KuCoin

KuCoin has a diverse selection of trading pairs.

There are over 400 available markets. HodlBot users looking to heavily diversify their holdings can easily create their own index or portfolio with HodlBot.

Transaction fees on KuCoin are among the lowest. KuCoin only charges 0.1% on transactions. Users who are looking to rebalance their portfolios frequently will not lose much to trading fees.

KuCoin is friendly to US investors.

Since Binance evicted US investors off of their exchange. It’s been difficult for many investors to find a suitable replacement given Binance’s strong liquidity and diversity of trading pairs.

KuCoin has positioned itself extremely well as a suitable substitute. US investors can use KuCoin without KYC (2 BTC withdrawal limit daily). On top of that KuCoin also trades BNB.

CZ Binance KuCoin

CZ from Binance, praising how well KuCoin is adapting to accomodate Binance users.

How it Works

1. Sign in to KuCoin

If you don’t have a KuCoin account, you can create one here.

Setting up HodlBot with KuCoin - KuCoin settings

Once you have an account, log into KuCoin and then navigate to the API management tab.

Before you can create your API key, you must set-up:

  • Google authenticator
  • A trading password.

2. Set up Google authenticator

Setting up Google authenticator is easy. Download the app on the phone and scan the QR code. Once scanned, input the pin from Google authenticator into the KuCoin form.

KuCoin Google authenticator

3. Set up Trading Password

KuCoin also requires a 6 character trading password. Choose whatever you want, but make sure you remember it.

KuCoin Google authenticator

4. Create API Key

In order to create an API key, you’ll need to create a label - most likely “HodlBot”.

You’ll also need to enter a passphrase which you’ll need to remember.

KuCoin Google authenticator

5. Copy API Key and Private Key over to HodlBot

Once your API key is generated, it’ll look something like this.

KuCoin Public and Private API Key

This key has since been deleted.

Make sure trade and general access are enabled. Do not enable transfer permissions for security reasons. HodlBot does not require it.

Copy and paste the key and secret over to HodlBot. If you’re getting onboarded, it’ll look something like this.

Otherwise if you have already onboarded, you can navigate to the integrations tab on the settings page and find the form to enter KuCoin API keys.

6. Select or Create a Portfolio

Once an exchange is connected to HodlBot, you can choose an index, or create your own portfolio.

But if you connect more than one exchange, you’ll be able to see exchange options pop up on the main navigation bar. Clicking on them will allow you to switch between your different exchange accounts.

You can create and manage a seperate portfollio for each distinct exchange connected to HodlBot. Actions affecting assets in KuCoin will not affect assets in Kraken and vice versa.

HodlBot Dashboard with KuCoin and Binance

About the Author

Anthony Xie Founder of HodlBot

Written by Anthony Xie

I’m the founder of HodlBot.

I’m a big data nerd. I like to talk about all things data, finance, and crypto. You can find me on Twitter here.

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