How to Connect Your HodlBot Account to the Kraken Exchange

Users are now able to connect HodlBot to both Binance and Kraken. This article will serve as a tutorial for users who want to connect their Kraken account to HodlBot and will assume that the user’s Kraken account is already funded with some amount of cryptocurrency.

1. Sign into Kraken and navigate to the account settings page

Setting up HodlBot with Kraken - Kraken settings page

2. Click on the API tab

Kraken Settings API Tab

3. Generate a new API Key

Enter a key description that will remind you of the API key’s purpose e.g. API key for HodlBot.

Make sure to toggle the following permissions, as HodlBot needs these permissions to execute trades.

We require the following permissions:

  • query funds
  • query open orders & trades
  • query closed orders & trades
  • modify orders
  • cancel/close orders
  • query ledger entries

Make sure to leave withdrawal and deposit access unchecked, as we do not require these permissions. For security purposes, it is impossible for Hodlot to ever withdraw cryptocurrency from your exchange account

Kraken Generating API Key

4. Copy API Key and Private Key over to HodlBot

Once your API key is generated, it’ll look something like this.

Kraken Public and Private API Key

This key has since been deleted.

You’ll have a chance to enter these details in HodlBot during onboarding.

HodlBot Kraken Integration Onboarding

But if you’ve already onboarded, you can also navigate to integrations tab on the settings page. There you will find a form to enter Kraken API keys.

HodlBot's exchange integrations with Binance and Kraken

5. Select or Create a Portfolio

After you’ve added Kraken, you can choose or create a portfolio, and exdcute that strategy. Everything will be ready to go.

If you only connect one exchange to HodlBot, you will not see anything out of the ordinary.

But if you connect more than one exchange, you’ll be able to see exchange options pop up on the main navigation bar.

HodlBot Dashboard with Kraken and Binance

Each exchange integration can be considered its own separate, sub-account. For example, actions affecting assets in Binance will not affect assets in Kraken and vice versa.

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