HodlBot Now Supports Coinbase Pro — Coinbase Trading Bot

HodlBot is an intelligent trading bot that helps users diversify their cryptocurrency portfolios and automate their trading strategies. We specialize in indexing, rebalancing, and passive investing.

As part of our initiative to support US-based traders, we are announcing our support for Coinbase Pro users.

To get started with HodlBot, all you need is an exchange account and $50 in any cryptocurrency.

Make a Coinbase Account or Connect Your Existing One to Coinbase Pro

coinbase pro signup coinbase pro signup

Set up API Keys

Navigate over to the API tab in the side panel. There you’ll find an option to create new API keys.

When adding an API key, enable view and trade permissions. Make sure to disable transfer permissions for security reasons. This means HodlBot cannot actually withdraw cryptocurrency from your account. Keep the IP whitelist blank because we have servers with dynamic IP addresses.

coinbase pro signup coinbase pro api

Once you’ve successfully generated your API key, you’ll need to save the passphrase and the secret somewhere safe. You’ll only be shown these once so make sure you write it down.

Input API Keys into HodlBot

Head over to the integrations tab under settings in HodlBot. There you will find the Coinbase Pro integration option. Input your API key, secret, and passphrase into the form. Hit submit keys when you’re done and the connection will be made.

coinbase pro hodlbot coinbase pro hodlbot

Choose a Portfolio

Once an exchange is connected to HodlBot, you can choose an index, or create your own portfolio.

But if you connect more than one exchange, you’ll be able to see exchange options pop up on the main navigation bar. Clicking on them will allow you to switch between your different exchange accounts.

You can create and manage a seperate portfollio for each distinct exchange connected to HodlBot. Actions affecting assets in KuCoin will not affect assets in Kraken and vice versa.

Execute Trades & Rebalance

HodlBot will automatically rebalance your portfolio in order to keep it on track. You can customize your rebalancing settings by choosing between periodic rebalancing and threshold rebalancing.

hodlbot periodic rebalancing hodlbot threshold rebalancing

Written by Anthony Xie

I’m the founder of HodlBot.

I’m a big data nerd. I like to talk about all things data, finance, and crypto. You can find me on Twitter here.

At HodlBot, we make it easy to automatically create diversified cryptocurrency portfolios.

We created HODL10, HODL20, HODL30 indices and the first ever application that allows you to create your own personalized cryptocurrency index fund.

To get started all you need is a

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Account
  2. $50 in any cryptocurrency