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Intelligent Portfolio Automation

Automatically diversify and rebalance your cryptocurrency portfolio with HodlBot.

The HODL20 allocation as of March 2018

How HodlBot Works

Diversify your portfolio.

Choose a market index like the HODL20 or create your own portfolio. Use HodlBot to automate your strategy.

Automatic rebalancing.

Set a desired rebalancing period. HodlBot will make sure your portfolio stays on track. Save hours of manual trading.

Reinvest your earnings.

HodlBot does not take a % fee. Keep your earnings. HodlBot is free to try and always free for accounts under $500

HodlBot Checklist

All you need to get started

Track the Entire Market

Historical performance of $1000 in the top 20 coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Check out the wiki or the Telegram group

It's free for the first 14 days, and $10 a month afterwards. All accounts under $500 are free forever. We don't charge a % fee. Our users keep all their returns.

HodlBot only requires API keys with trade access, not withdrawal. This means nobody can withdraw funds from your Binance account. We encrypt all user data on our end with cryptographically secure hash functions. In addition, we engage in penetration testing and monitor logs to shut down trading in the case of suspicious activity.

No. HodlBot is a software tool, not a fund or an exchange. Deposit your cryptocurrency on Binance.

You can index the market with the HODL20 or you can create your own custom portfolio strategy.

HodlBot will execute the trades on your Binance account so that your portfolio will match the composition of the strategy you've chosen.

The HODL 20 is a cryptocurrency index that users can replicate with their own Binance account. The index weighs the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap, and caps each coin at 10%. You can read more about it here.

HodlBot rebalances your portfolio by intelligently making a series of trades to get you towards your target allocation. The default period is one month but you can customize it. You can also manually trigger rebalances anytime.

We do not charge any transaction fees. Binance charges 0.1% transaction fee on trades. For the HODL 20, a 3 year historical back-test with monthly rebalances incurred an average of 0.26% from transaction fees per year.

Yes. When you use HodlBot, it will execute the strategy with all of the holdings in your Binance exchange account. If you wish to actively trade, you should do it on another exchange account. The other option is to place limit sells at ridiculous prices on coins you want to hold. HodlBot ignores open orders.

There is no account minimum. We recommend $200 to protect users from Binance's minimum trading limit and make sure that diversified portfolios can be created properly.

In certain jurisdictions, buy & sell actions on exchanges are taxable events. To comply with tax regulations, you will be able to export a log of HodlBot's transactions in csv format.

We're constantly updating our product. Our public roadmap is available here.

The HodlBot Team

We take the software that insitutional funds use and make it available to everyone.

Lucas Simpson


Previous work experience at Amazon. Background in computer engineering.

Mitchell Vanderhoeff


Previous work experience at Coinbase and Stripe. Background in computer science.

Chandler Piche


Previous work experience at Waterloo start-ups. Background in computer science.

Calvin Leyon


Previous work experience at Plum. Background in sales & growth.

Anthony Xie


Previous work experience at Vidyard. Background in software & finance.

John Wu


Previous work experience at Legally. Background in law and IP.


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